Tips + Tricks!

Now that you have the CanTEEN interactive, it is time to start on our Career Exploration! Whether you are a teacher, a librarian, a parent,  or a club leader, the CanTEEN interactive and online resources can help augment your programming and your students’ experience. It is a great way broaden your students’ perspectives on STEM careers.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you integrate CanTEEN with what you do!  Science + technology + math teachers, check out our Common Core Standards for fun STEM enrichment.

  • Augment students’ knowledge about the Historic Women in STEM careers for March, Women’s History Month.
  • Play the interactive in class, club time, or after school with groups.
  • Have down time during state testing? Use the interactive and learn through gaming!
  • Have a project that requires students’ to do a report on a career? Have the students play to see what career interests them the most.
  • Utilize Livin’ It to look up women role models for reports and presentations.
  • Students can play to gain inspiration about summer internships or job shadowing with Careers A-Z!
  • Use during Gifted class time.
  • Get kids pumped for school and their future during homeroom.
  • Play during indoor recess.
  • Have a great tip to share? Email it to Tina at!

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