Do It Yourself Science

Do you know that you can use common things found in your house or classroom to explore science? You don’t need fancy or expensive lab equipment to do fun science experiments. You can demonstrate cool scientific principles and test out your ideas with everyday objects found all around you. Try one of these activities at home or school today!

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Measurements What Matters?

Measure the Speed of Light Using Chocolate and Your Microwave

Explore wavelength and frequency using your microwave!

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Earth + Climate What Matters?

Make Your Own Lava Lamp

Get your groove on by creating your own lava lamp!
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Living Things

Extract DNA

DNA is incredibly thin, but you can extract it from spinach with a little bit of know-how.
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What Matters? Measurements

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Get the scoop about ice cream by making your own yummy concoction!
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