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Make Your Own Lava Lamp

Get your groove on by creating your own lava lamp!
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Water drop splash

DIY Water Filtration

Water cleans lots of things, but how do you clean water? Let’s find out!
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Create your own Urban Garden

What’s growin’ on? Try out your green thumb by planting and harvesting in your own backyard!
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Make a Mini Ecosystem Inside a Terrarium

Get out your green thumbs and try creating your own ecosystem!


DIY Fossilising

Travel back in time overnight by creating your own fossils!
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Make Solar Oven to Cook S’mores

Build a solar oven to make yourself some delicious s’mores!


Turn Milk into Plastic

Moo-ve over Petroleum Products. Learn how to make environmentally-friendly plastic out of milk!
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How to Tell the Temperature Outside Using Cricket Chirps

Discover how animals and ecosystems are intertwined!