Carnegie Science Center Events

Student Energy Summit 

Middle and high school students will explore the science of energy with a range of hands-on activities and interactions with local energy experts. Topics include energy production and consumption, recent advances in scientific knowledge, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, wise consumer choices, and careers in various energy fields.

ChemFest National Chemistry Week 

To celebrate National Chemistry Week, the Science Center invites students to explore a future in the field of chemistry. Discover the reasons why chemistry “matters” through hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations, and exciting presentations.

SciTech Days 

Serving 6,000+ middle and high school students and teachers annually, SciTech Days connects students to real-world scientists and engineers form more than 40 companies and universities through a wide range of hands-on experiences including exhibits, workshops, and stage shows.

Weather Quest

This event immerses students in the geosciences! Through hands-on activity tables, students will learn about geography, meteorology, geology, and  more.

Engineer the Future

Students explore the range of engineering opportunities by engaging in hands-on activities, interacting with engineering professionals, and watching presentations at more than 50 event tables.


Community Events

The Perry Initiative: Perry Outreach Program

April 1, 2017 @ Allegheny General Hospital

The Perry Initiative inspires young women to be leaders in Orthopedic Surgery and Engineering by partnering with medical centers, universities, and high schools nationwide. Apply to participate in the day long program. Explore hands-on workshop modules and receive mentorship from women surgeons and engineers.







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