Explore Your Future

What do you want to be when you grow up? Is STEM–Science, Technology, Engineering or Math a part of your future? Explore Your Future! Check it out! There’s so much to do!

Livin’ It!

Okay, admit it.  Math, science, and technology are pretty cool. Maybe even cool enough to be part of your career plans. If so, you probably have some things you want to ask.

Read up on women who involved in math, science, technology, engineering, architecture and more.  What’s a typical day like?  How do I start preparing now? Ever wonder how things turn out for girls who study math and science? We give you the scoop about her job, her dreams and her biggest learning experiences. Click to see more.

Careers A-Z

Despite comprising half of the overall work force, women hold only 25% of science and engineering jobs in America’s public and private sectors. How do you want to challenge this? There are so many careers you can have in science, technology, engineering, and math! From accountant to zoologist or other? CanTEEN Categories, explore what might tickle your fancy! Click to see more.

Tour Your Future

Looking to get out there and see the real world? Join us on one of our Tour Events! Sign up to meet awesome female professionals who work in science, technology, engineering, and math fields! We venture to offices of tech start-ups, neurology research labs, robotics academic departments, and more! Come … and ask the female STEM role models YOUR questions.  Click to see more.

No Tour Events in your area? No problem! Please contact Holly at  FritzH@CarnegieScienceCenter.org for more info. If you are interested in hosting a TYF event at your place of work, please contact us here.


Other Opportunities

Looking for more ways to expand and explore  your interests? Check out competitions, summer camps, and more on this page. If you have any suggestions, please contact Holly at  FritzH@CarnegieScienceCenter.org

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