Future Tours

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To register for Tours, please call 412.237.1637.  Tours are $5 per student. Scholarships are available and limited. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. All tours are on site at the specified locations. These are NOT at Carnegie Science Center.



Monday, Jan. 19, 10 am – noon
Eaton (Cranberry)
Get a firsthand look at power management. How do you think the lights stay on? At Eaton, meet women who are working in electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical engineering. They even have an electric vehicle and worked with NASA!

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Robotics Engineer



Tuesday, Jan. 20, 10am – 12pm
Duquesne University
Department of Biology (Uptown)

Love biology? Into animals? Pick up a petri dish, and check out what you can grow! Join us for our tour of the Biology Department at Duquesne University’s School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Biologist, Medical Doctor, Zoologist


Saturday, Jan. 31, 10 am – noon
GBBN Architects (Garfield)
Have an interest in architecture? Want to have an impact on people’s daily lives? Love art, science, and physics? Join us for our Tour Your Future event at GBBN Architects. Meet Katie Walsh, a project architect. Make a model, and design your dreams.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Architect, Civil Engineer


Saturday, Feb. 14, 10 am – noon
Robert Morris University
School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (Moon Township)

Ever 3D print something? Nuts about numbers? Or do you dream of being a doctor? At Robert Morris University, we will explore all the topics and career paths offered through the School of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science! Get a hands-on look at what it is like to be a student as well as a professor.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Mechanical Engineer, Actuary, Mathematician


Saturday, Feb. 21, 1 pm – 3 pm
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University (Oakland)

Get a view behind the plasma screen! Meet Dr. Diana Marculescu and her students. Learn about how energy plays a big part in how your devices work. It’s not just about the Internet. It’s how you get there!

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Electrical Engineer, Computer Hardware Engineer, Software Engineer



Saturday, Feb. 28, 10 am – noon
BioEngineering Department
University of Pittsburgh (Oakland)

Is it alive? Does it help someone walk? Will your body be able to use it? Join us for a visit to the BioEngineering Department at the University of Pittsburgh. It’s not just biology. It’s how you change it to help people. Explore how this also relates to medical careers!

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Biomedical Engineer, Engineer, Biologist


Saturday, March 21, 10 am – noon

Musculoskeletal Research Center
University of Pittsburgh (Oakland)

Interested in growing bones? Ever think of regenerative ligaments? You could be the bioengineer for the future! Meet Jonquil R. Flowers, and learn how she is developing devices to help people on the cellular level.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Biomedical EngineerBiologist, Medical Doctor



Saturday, March 28, 10 am – noon
Entertainment Technology Center (Oakland)
Game on! Tour the Entertainment Technology Center, and discover how you can go to school to make video games and digital experiences. Learn how the rides at Disney are created.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Video Game Designer, Computer Programer, Computer Animator



Std-Web-sig-281+4515_dental-bigMonday, March 30, 10 am – 12pm

School of Dental Medicine
University of Pittsburgh (Oakland)

Show off your smiles at the School of Dentistry at the University of Pittsburgh. Discover how dental medicine is more than just your teeth! Get a firsthand look behind oral biology.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Dentist, Medical Doctor, Dental Hygienist



Tuesday, March 31, 10 am – 11:30am 
Inventionland (RIDC Park)
Are you an inventor? Have brilliant ideas? Check out Inventionland, America’s largest invention factory. See what it’s like to have a meeting in a castle! What if your office was in a pirate ship? Would you be inventive? Learn about rapid prototyping tools, such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Mechanical Engineer, Computer Animator, Website Developer



Wednesday, April 1, 1 pm – 3 pm
School of Information Sciences
University of Pittsburgh (Oakland)

Have you heard about data? It’s everywhere! Learn how to get organized at the school of Information Sciences and meet Leanne Bowler. This field is not just for librarians anymore! See how data management is a crucial part of creating apps, urban design, and more.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Mechanical Engineer, Computer Animator, Website Developer



Thursday, April 2, 1 pm – 3 pm
First Insight (Sewickley)
Thinking of making something to sell to people? Got an invention or an app? Learn about the next steps you have to go through to get it to people! Join us for our tour of First Insight to learn about the process and the math and science behind marketing.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Mechanical Engineer, Computer Animator, Website Developer



Friday, April 3, 10 am – noon
Quest Diagnostics (Green Tree)
Want to make things better? Interested in helping people without being their doctor? At Quest Diagnostics, meet Katrina Blackhall, an industrial engineer. See how she works with chemists and biologists to improve their work. You will also get to meet a Pathologist, Microbiologist and Hematologist!


Capacity: 15
Content themes: Biologist, Industrial Engineer, Chemist


Saturday, April 11, 10 am – noon
Department of Computer Science
University of Pittsburgh (Oakland)
Crazy about computers? What to change the world with the next app? Want to program games for your phone? At the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh, you can get a first hand look of what it’s like to be a woman in the field. Are you the next Grace Hopper?



Capacity: 15
Content themes: Computer Scientist, Computer Programer, Computer Hardware Engineer


Saturday, April 25, 10 am – noon
School of Sustainability
Chatham University

Love the environment? Learn about Chatham’s field work with bugs and streams. Experience how you can work to help planet Earth.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: BiologistIndustrial Engineer, Chemist



Saturday, May 2, 10 am – noon
FutureDerm (SouthSide)*
Crazy about skin care products? Curious about the chemistry behind them? Learn about beauty from a scientific perspective. Join us for our Tour Your Future event at FutureDerm. Meet founder Nicki Zevola, a super smart STEM professional who has passion, class, and style!

*This tour is rescheduled from the fall. Those who were signed up previously will have the option to sign up first.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Chemist, Dermatologist, BioChemist



Saturday, May 9, 10 am – noon
Medicine Shoppe (Aliquippa)
Into cooking? Into chemistry? Like talking to people? What about pharmacy? Meet the women pharmacists at the Medicine Shoppe in Aliquippa. Make your own compound as you mix lotions and creams! See what actually happens when you get your prescription filled.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Chemist, Pharmacist, Pharmacologist



Saturday, June 6, 10 am – noon
Science Research
Duquesne University (Uptown)

Love doing science experiments? Have a hypothesis that you want to prove? Science research might be the thing for you! Come and experience the true practice of scientists at Duquesne University.

Capacity: 15
Content themes: Chemist, Researcher, Biologist, Physicist


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