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To register for Tours, please call 412.237.1637.  Tours are $5 per student.  This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Both Individuals and groups are welcome to attend. Scholarships are available and limited. All tours are on site at the specified locations. These events are NOT at Carnegie Science Center.


eatonMonday, Jan. 18, 10 am – Noon                            


Electric power is sometimes taken for granted. Flip the switch, and the light turns on. Visit Eaton’s unique Power Systems Experience Center to see what really happens when you flip that switch. Learn about how power is distributed throughout your home and how devices like circuit breakers and fuses protect you and your home. You’ll even get to wire your own circuit.


Capacity: 15


PittSaturday, Jan. 23, 9:30 – 11:30 am      

Bureau of Animal Care & Control at the Animal Rescue League

The Bureau of Animal Care & Control provides assistance in situations involving animals, both domestic and wild. The Bureau helps to keep our City’s parks animal-nuisance free and works with non-profit animal shelters. Visit the Animal Rescue League to see how agents capture stray animals, assist in pet/owner recovery, and teach residents of their responsibility as pet owners. During your visit, you will handle puppies and calm adult dogs, so please don’t attend if you have pet allergies.


Capacity: 15


MCS, Bio, Alison Barth, September 10 2015Monday, Jan. 25, 1 – 3 pm                                                                                         

Carnegie Mellon University – Department of Biological Sciences

Meet Dr. Alison Barth and learn about her work in the fascinating field of neuroscience in the Department of Biological Sciences. Her lab focuses on how experiences alter the brain. Learn about lab techniques, such as electrophysiological recording, electron microscopy, and computational modeling, which help to uncover the secrets of our brains!


Capacity: 12
ibmTuesday, Jan. 26, 9:30 – 11:30 am                            

IBM (Squirrel Hill)

Have you seen the new TV commercials about Watson? Did you wonder what would be involved in creating such cognitive computing software? This is your chance to find out! We will be showcasing a demonstration of IBM Watson Explorer and explaining all the diverse roles that are involved in developing such an amazing software, from the development and testing to product management and implementation at the customer site. See how Watson can learn and solve problems!


Capacity: 15


williamsWednesday, Feb. 17, 1 – 3 pm                                                  


Williams owns and operates more than 33,000 miles of pipelines, moving 30 percent of America’s natural gas for clean power generation, home heating, and industrial use. Join us for a tour of Williams’ regional office to learn about the natural gas industry and the various career opportunities that are needed to build safe and cost effective pipelines, ranging from mapping experts and financial analysts to engineers and environmental scientists.


Capacity: 20


Wednesday, Feb. 24, 10 am – Noon                                                              

pscPittsburgh Supercomputing Center

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) is a joint effort of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh that provides researchers across the country with access to the most powerful computing systems for solving the largest and most challenging problems in computational science and “Big Data.” You will work with a sample research problem in computational or data science, high performance computing that supports the research, and the networks that carry data and enable collaboration and presentation. Female PSC scientists will explain that PSC is all about problem-solving.


Capacity: 15


AOSaturday, Feb. 27, 1 – 3 pm                                                                                

Allegheny Observatory

Have you ever looked up in the night sky and wondered about our place in the universe? Are you curious about where stars come from, what black holes are, or what the Big Bang is all about? Tour the Allegheny Observatory with Dr. Sandhya Rao, an astronomer from the University of Pittsburgh, who will answer all of your questions and more. Get up close with both historic and modern telescopes and learn how astronomers study the Universe.


Capacity: 15


4momsFriday, Mar. 18, 1:30 – 3:30 pm                  


Visit this innovative and energetic company whose mission is to develop dramatically better juvenile products, from strollers and playards to highchairs and car seats. Meet the women who use science, technology, engineering, and math to design, build, test, and market these innovative products that strive to help parents everywhere.


Capacity: 15



phippsTuesday, Mar. 22, 10 am – Noon     

Phipps Conservatory

Ever wonder how buildings can improve human and environmental health? Learn all about cutting-edge biophilic design at one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the world with a tour of the Center for Sustainable Landscapes. You can apply what you learn by participating in hands-on activities to “green” your school or home.


Capacity: 40


cmuWednesday, April 6, 1 – 3 pm            

Carnegie Mellon University – Chemistry & Biophysical Spectroscopy

One of the most exciting scientific developments of the past decade has been in the design and creation of nanoparticles. These are gold or semi-conductor particles that are a million times smaller than a grain of sand. They are being used to make brighter and more energy efficient lighting sources, televisions, and cell phone displays. Plus, they are playing an important role in human health with their uses in imaging, drug delivery, and cancer treatment.  You will get to meet Dr. Linda Peteanu and use lasers and microscopes to see these nanoscale objects in action!


Capacity: 15


westWednesday, April 13, 11 am – 1 pm      


When you turn on a light switch or plug in your computer, do you think about the electricity? Did you know that 20 percent of the electricity used in the United States is produced by nuclear power plants? Westinghouse is the world’s leading supplier of safe and innovative nuclear technology. You will have fun participating in hands-on activities to learn about nuclear energy and you will tour the Westinghouse AP1000® simulator training facility. You will participate in discussions led by women who work in the nuclear and engineering fields and have the opportunity to ask questions about these careers. Lunch will be provided.


Capacity: 20

Wednesday, April 20, 1 pm – 4 pm

UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

Visit this elite, first-of-its-kind facility built for every sort of athlete. Take a guided tour of the sports medicine clinic, the physical therapy gym, and the sports performance department, while learning about careers with Dr. Vonda Wright, Lorne Goldenberg, and Dr. Patrick Garvey. You’ll also go skating on the ice!


Capacity: 60


PittSaturday, April 23, 1 pm – 3 pm

City of Pittsburgh Police Bureau

Experience firsthand how crime scenes are processed. From obtaining tire, shoe, and hand impressions to facial recognition and examining blood spatters, you will get a close look at real police work. You’ll also get to try your hand at obtaining fingerprints from different items.


Capacity: 20


covestroWednesday, April 27, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm


Covestro is a leading producer of advanced polymers and high-performance plastics in North America and around the world. As a leading materials supplier for the building and construction industry, Covestro’s vision is to make the world a brighter place with products and technologies that promote sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment. Come celebrate Earth Day and learn about environmentally healthy and sustainable products and the women who make them possible.


Capacity: 12


chathamWednesday, May 11, 10 am – Noon

Chatham University – Eden Hall

The Eden Hall Campus is a 388-acre plot of land that houses Chatham’s Falk School of Sustainability and is committed to supporting sustainability and environmental education. Using the latest in environmentally responsible technology, design, and innovation, Eden Hall strives to be self-sustaining in every way by emitting zero carbon emissions, managing all storm and waste water on-site, and producing more energy than it consumes. Visit this beautiful campus and learn how to leave a smaller footprint in your environment.


Capacity: 15


PittWednesday, May 18, 1 pm – 3 pm

City of Pittsburgh – Department of Innovation and Performance

If you are interested in cyber science and media, this tour’s for you! Meet the women in charge of Pittsburgh’s information technology, web design, cybersecurity, and cable TV channel. See what it takes to keep our city connected, visible, and safe.


Capacity: 15


PittSaturday, May 21, 9:30 am – 11:30 am

City of Pittsburgh – Department of City Planning

What goes in to planning a city like Pittsburgh? Take a walking tour of our beautiful area to learn how city planners design roads, bridges and open spaces. See how storm water runoff is managed and green space is incorporated to keep our city clean and healthy.


Capacity: 20


pscSaturday, May 21, 9 am – 12 am

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center – Project GCode, a Pilot Program for Girls

Do you have an idea for a new app? Or a new game? Want to learn to develop a website? Come and work with women instructors and mentors in the fields of technology and cyberscience. Be one of the first girls to experience this new program at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Visit the following website for more information:


Capacity: 20


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