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Girls at Carnegie Science Center

STEM Programs for Girls–Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math: Despite comprising half of the overall work force, women hold only 25% of science and engineering jobs in America’s public and private sector. Carnegie Science Center’s Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Development addresses this challenge through innovative programs that engage, educate, and inspire girls to pursue STEM careers.

CanTEEN Career Exploration is an innovative resource to inspire girls to envision themselves in STEM careers through gaming and online activities.

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CanTEEN Interactive: CanTEEN Trivia Wheel Library CD Interactive puts a spin on the classic gaming style of multiple choice trivia questions. This Trivia Wheel contains 11 categories, including Human Body, Modern Technology, Spending, and What Matters?

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Getting Started: Players are greeted by a CanTEAM avatar who provides instructions on how to play. Discovered through play testing, users are eager to click the PLAY button and explore other sections on the main screen—How to Play, About, Meet the CanTEAM, and ABC Careers. Players are prompted to enter their name, to choose an amount of multiple choice questions to be answered, and select the level of difficulty.

Learning through Gaming: With each click of the “Spin” button, the arrow lands at random on a category and a multiple choice question is displayed. Once the answer is submitted, one of eight CanTEAM avatars—each with a unique personality and interest that span STEM fields—will respond to confirm or provide the correct answer, as well as share a fun fact and a career related to the subject matter. Throughout the game, players can keep track of their scoring potential, and have the option of selecting harder questions in the next round to gain more points.

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Distribution of the CD: Through support from the Motorola Foundation, Carnegie Science Center is working with American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association. The CanTEEN Library Interactive will be distributed to more than 2,500 middle schools nationally. An additional 500 copies will be circulated to partners in-and-out of classrooms locally and nationally. The interactive game, while designed with girls in mind, is also suitable for middle school boys.

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CanTEEN falls under the auspices of Carnegie Science Center’s Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Development. Launched in November 2011, the Chevron STEM Center was backed by strong financial support from Chevron and founding partners California University of Pennsylvania, Duquesne Light, Eaton Corporation, Kennametal Foundation, LANXESS Corporation, NOVA Chemicals, and PPG Industries Foundation. 

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