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Amanda Yarger

Strategic Account Executive, TrueFit


Was there a particular person or event that influenced your career choice? I used to be a full-time missionary right out of college. I served in many third world countries on nearly every continent. An organization called “Hands At Work” in Zambia, Africa inspired me to look at business as a way to help cities and countries flourish. I have a very close relationship with the Lord and felt Him directing me to attend college to study business. I didn’t want to–was loving my work as a missionary–but couldn’t ignore Him after He stranded me on two continents until I paid attention! My last year of college, I connected with a group called the Pittsburgh Fellows and they introduced me to TrueFit. TrueFit is a fantastic company that works to use technology to tackle the world’s problems. It’s been a huge stretch because I have had to learn so much about technology, but I love helping companies and entrepreneurs bring their tech ideas to life!

ocat2What is a typical day like at your job? 7am: At times, I’ll have a breakfast business networking event in downtown Pittsburgh.
8am : Check innovative tech articles. I follow “Innovation America” and have set up “Prismatic” to send me articles about my industry.
8:30am: Schedule any interesting articles into my Hootsuite account to be pushed out via Twitter and LinkedIn that day.
9am: Address any time sensitive emails that came in overnight, or that I didn’t have time to answer the day before.
10am: Prioritize that day’s activities.
11am: May meet with a prospective client, call a current client, have a kick-off call for a new mobile app, website, or social media app idea, or check on current projects.
12pm: Eat lunch either with a prospective client or business referral partner, or at my desk while I catch up on to-do’s.
1pm: Answer social media messages (LinkedIn invite requests and reply to Tweets from the business community).
2pm: Get a cup of strong, hot tea! Always tired at 2pm :) Check on my sales spreadsheet in excel to update any prospective client progress. (i.e. if I was able to get in touch with someone, if someone sent me a referral, or if someone decided to buy software from us and I mark it as a win!)
3pm: Once a week, we have a sales meeting to share updates and strategies.
4pm: Answer any emails that have come through and need addressed. Register for any events that I will be attending that week.
5pm: Leave for home, or a dinner with a prospective client, or an evening technology networking event.
8pm: Take a look at the emails to ensure nothing has come through that would need addressed before morning.

What are some of your recent personal goals? 1. Read 6 books this year and a chapter a day from my Bible.
2. Narrow my focus in the charities I serve with so I’m able to invest more and leverage my strengths.
3. Plan a service trip to a third world country where I can donate my business/tech skills. My husband and I recently led a team to Haiti and would love to return.
4. Sell half a million in software this year.
5. Pay off my college loans.

What do you like to do outside of work? I’ve stayed very involved with The Pittsburgh Fellows because of their passion to equip leaders to have workplace excellence, a heart for the city, and Christ-like living. Through the Fellows, I was introduced to Thread of Hope out of Texas. This is an economic development ministry to impoverished artisans. ToH sells the artisan’s handmade work and pays 100% of the profit back to them in grants for housing, education, business, and healthcare. I’ve just helped The Executive Women’s Council of greater Pittsburgh launch their social media presence this past year. It’s exciting to see what I’ve learned in my career at TrueFit being useful to these non-profits as well. When I am able, I help with Side by Side, a ministry to single mothers that I served with during my Pittsburgh Fellows internship. I’m honored to serve on the Missions Council with St. Stephens helping to raise awareness about the church’s missionaries. As I mentioned, my hubby and I love leading short-term service trips overseas.

Coffee shop drink of choice? Joy tea from Starbucks. A grande, no sugar or cream.

Who are YOUR role models? Catherine Booth and her husband William founded the Salvation Army. One of the trickle effects of this was values-driven businesses that were started to improve the working conditions of the employees of that time period. Catherine was a bold speaker, passionate about her faith and the lives of the poor around her. She was incredibly innovative in her efforts to reach as many people as possible with her Savior’s story, while also improving their lives on earth.

My parents Don and Brenda Griffith. They’re the most entrepreneurial and innovative people I know! So wise–my mom never stops reading. Dad never gave up on his dream to be his own boss and he now runs his own contracting business. They always put our family first.

Bio: Amanda is a Strategic Account Executive at TrueFit, a Pittsburgh-based company that builds web, social media and mobile applications, and commercial software products to advance the cause of innovation. In her work, she gets to meet people and hear their ideas about inventing something. She loves being able to launch their mobile app or software with them! She once worked with a 10-year-old named Aiden Sommers to develop a game called RoX that he had invented, and turn it into a mobile app. He wanted to help children in Haiti with the proceeds. This project was one of the neatest projects for Amanda thus far!

In her career, Amanda interacts with a variety of people, from developers and designers, to CEOs and entrepreneurs. Working with all those people means that it is important to have a genuine interest in people, active listening skills, creative problem-solving skills, time management, self-motivation, a passion to learn daily, networking skills, an entrepreneurial drive, and negotiation skills.

Besides her work with TrueFit, Amanda is also interested in art! Once in a while, she may do a Chinese ink painting for a gift, draw caricatures for an event, or create custom clay “cake toppers” for a wedding/gift!