Caroline Herschel

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Caroline Herschel, German-British astronomer

Astronomer, Lived from March 16, 1750 to January 9, 1848

Training: Caroline did not receive any formal education in astronomy, but learned from watching her brother who took an interest in astronomy as a hobby to pass time. She later discovered she was very skilled in polishing the mirrors and mounting the telescope. She started making her own observations in 1782.

400spaceAccomplishments: Caroline was the first woman to receive a salary for services to science. She discovered more than half a dozen comets during the 1780s and 1790s. She even has a comet named after her. Caroline was awarded a Gold medal from the Astronomical Society of London as well as another from the King of Prussia. She also was elected as an Honorary Member at the Royal Astronomical Society!

Fun Fact: C. Herschel is a crater on the moon named after Caroline!

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